More Brazilian Favourites

Home-made life savers seasoning sauces, "doce de leite caseiro", eggplant caponata and butter biscuits that melts in your mouth, all authentic Brazilian momma's recipes made with a lot of love for you. Check out their instagram page for more details. Do not miss out on these goodies.


Passionate about good food Chef Weberson makes his signature smoked sausages which is one of the most important ingredients to make our genuine Feijoada. He is a one stop man to supply the best cuts of meat as well as cater for your private event. 


The best superfood pulps from the Amazon jungle to your doorstep. Organic & Additive-free. Authentic, pure and frozen fruit pulps: Açaí, Graviola, Soursop, Acerola, Cupuaçu & Cajá. If you want to try the real açai berry, this is where you will find it. We totally recommend.